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Programme Management is the centralised, coordinated management of a group of projects to achieve the programme's strategic objectives and benefits. Programme Management is carried out by the User Organisation


The key output of Programme Management is the infrastructure Programme Management Plan (IPMP), which includes the Construction Procurement Strategy (G2 in the Gateway System). The IPMP describes how the work listed in the prioritised MTEF work list is:

  • Packaged;
  • Managed;
  • Controlled.

The IDIP approach is embedded in the following elements:

IDIP derives its goal from the South African Government’s strategy to enhance socio-economic growth and development through infrastructure delivery. Therefore IDIP’s goal “to contribute to the improvement of public sector infrastructure delivery in South Africa” serves as the link between the Government’s strategy and the programme. In the provinces the programme is also linked to the Provincial Growth and Development Strategies (PGDS), thereby ensuring that infrastructure delivery is directed towards the country’s existing socio-economic development and growth objectives.

The specific Purpose of IDIP is, “To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of infrastructure delivery by selected provincial government departments”. The programme will support the following five Outputs during the next three years:

  • Effective functioning of the institutional arrangements and enabling environment for infrastructure delivery ;.
  • Improved infrastructure planning, budgeting, maintenance and programme management ;
  • Infrastructure procurement systems and practices are improved;
  • Improved infrastructure delivery skills
  • IDIP is effectively managed

IDIP III is also aligned to the Measurable Performance and Accountability System which is based in the Department for Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency. The programme logical framework is specifically linked to Outcome 12: “An Efficient, Effective and Development Oriented Public Service and an Empowered, Fair and Inclusive Citizenship”.

The programme will also assist with the implementation and enhancement of the following key policies and legislation that are relevant to the Government’s strategy to use infrastructure delivery as a vehicle for socio-economic growth and development:

  • The Division of Revenue Act (DoR Act)
  • The Government Immovable Asset Management Act (GIAMA)
  • The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)
  • The Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
  • CIDB infrastructure related procurement prescripts and regulations
  • CIDB infrastructure related procurement prescripts and regulations
  • Skills Development Act
  • Public Service Act and Regulations
  • Anti-corruption strategies
  • Presidency’s Planning Commission and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The Principles in which IDIP is embedded:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Full participation of partners in decision making
  • Ethical conduct
  • Anti Coruption and anti-rent seeking