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The INFRASTRUCTURE DELIVERY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME (IDIP) is a capacity building programme of the South African government designed to address problems relating to the planning and management of public sector infrastructure delivery.

The goal of IDIP is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of public sector infrastructure through developing and institutionalising best practice systems and tools, and building capacity. IDIP supports the provincial departments that deliver infrastructure to effectively render and sustain infrastructure and contribute towards Provincial Growth and Development Strategies. . read more>>>

 ABOUT THE IDM TOOLKIT                                                               

The IDM Toolkit has been produced by the CIDB in partnership with the National Treasury, in order to provide a system for enhancing the know how and capacity of infrastructure delivery managers within the public sector, who are responsible for managing the planning and implementation of infrastructure related to the construction sector.
The Toolkit identifies and facilitates the management of: infrastructure delivery policies linked to the strategic mandate of organs of state, infrastructure and maintenace planning and budgeting. To read more, visit 

 THINK IDMS                                                                                      

The Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS) is the model that describes the processes that make up public sector infrastructure management, mainly applied to the construction industry. It outlines the core processes asociated with the model for planning, delivery, procurement, and maintenance of infrastructure works.
There are five key areas identified for institutionalizing the IDMS in provinces, these are: planning, Procurement, Implementation, Compliance, and Capacitation. Think IDMS! aims to centralize the IDMS as a tool for thinking within the Infrastructure personnel involved in Portfolio Management, Project Management, Operations and Maintenace. To read more, visit

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