Frequently Asked Questions

 Common Responses
 What is IDIP?  IDIP is a programme of the South African Government designed to adress problems relating to the planning and management of public sector infrastructure delivery.
 Is IDIP really a capacitation building programme?  Yes, IDIP is a capacity building programme but only partially. However, the main focus is on monitoring and reporting.
Is IDIP a project or a programme? IDIP is a programme with a beginning and an end, and has all the aspects and characteristics of any other ordinary programme.
Who is partnering with IDIP?

IDIP works in partnership with the National Department of Education and Health, and public works. Other partners include the Technical Assistance Unit of the National Treasury, Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Construction Industry Development Board.

How much impact has IDIP made since its inception? Since its inception, IDIP has managed to reduce funds abuse within various provinces, Overspending has gone down and underspending is under close monitoring.
How is IDIP monitored? The Technical Assistance Unit (TAU) overlooks the operations of IDIP.
Under which Chief Directorate of the National Treasury is IDIP classified? IDIP is under the Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) chief Directorate.
In which provinces is IDIP implemented? IDIP is functional within all the Nine South African Provinces.
What are the main or common challenges facing IDIP? The scope of the work is very broad, communication gaps between TAs in various provinces.
How close does IDIP work with the office of the finance Minister?

Regular reports are submitted to the office of the finance Minister from IDIP and the rest of the Intergovernmental Relations divisions.

What is the lifespan of IDIP as a programme? The lifespan cannot be determined and depends solely on the progress that is being made.However, IDIP Phase III will end in March 2012 of which the IDMS will then become the main focus.